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Your Modern Hetaira

Welcome! My name is Phryne (fry-nee). I stand at a petite 4’8” but my energy far exceeds my height. I have long dark brown hair and my striking green eyes are usually lit up with laughter.  Much like an ancient hetaira or courtesan, I provide educated companionship to those who need an oasis from the monotony of everyday life. With me you will experience a chance to indulge in decadence and let go of the stressors of our fast-paced modern world. Whether your ideal date involves traveling to far away lands, painting the town red, or just cuddling up together with a glass of wine, I am delighted to help you experience the perfect escape. What are you waiting for?

I do not discriminate based on race, gender, creed, disability, or sexual orientation. If you would like to meet me I ask only that you are at least 21 years old, provide accurate screening information, and are polite and respectful during our interactions.

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