Nothing's sexier than well-mannered company.

There’s something endlessly endearing about people who are concerned with the needs and comfort of others. Nothing puts me quite so at ease as people who genuinely care about my needs.

New Acquaintances:

Please fill out my booking form here. To see when I am available, use the calendar here.

A 10% deposit is required for all bookings.

I will ask to see your ID when we meet.

I thoroughly enjoy making genuine connections with those that I meet, even for a brief period of time. That being said, any vulgar or explicit requests will immediately terminate any excitement I had for meeting you, and thusly terminate any further communication. The greatest delights often take us by surprise.

On the day of our date, please ensure that you’ve taken care with your grooming and hygiene. I will ask you to shower when you arrive. My incall is equipped with essential toiletries and fluffy towels. For a succinct description of the ideal day-of grooming process, please read my blog post- Hygiene 101: Touching the Butthole

If we’re meeting at my incall space, please place my patronage (in an unsealed envelope) on the counter in plain view. I’ll invite you to freshen up while I verify your patronage.

If I’m meeting you for a private outcall, please leave patronage on the bathroom counter in an unsealed envelope. Please do not make me ask for patronage, or place it anywhere other than the bathroom counter.

Should we be meeting in public, please place patronage inside of a card or book and present it to me at the beginning of our date. I’m always looking for new reading material!

Under no circumstances should you ever bring a weapon of any sort to our session. Doing so will result in my immediate departure.

Lastly, relax! If you follow all of the above, we’re going to have a wonderful time together.

Returning Friends:

You may email or text me to arrange a meeting.
Please check the calendar before booking.

I am happy to act as a reference for clients who have seen me in the past 12 months. I will provide two references for each time we have met; so, if we have seen each other twice in the past year I will provide up to four references.

Please let me know if you plan to list me as a reference for another companion. I will not disclose information about our time together without your express consent.

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