What's in a name?


My namesake lived in the 4th century BCE. Many of the stories about her are apocryphal, but it is certain that she lived in Athens and was an hetaira- a class of courtesan who offered highly educated companionship to the elite. Phryne was not her birth name, which some sources amusingly state was Μνησαρέτη (Mnesarete), “the memory of virtue”. She was greatly esteemed in her profession and gained almost unheard of wealth and acclaim for an independent woman in ancient Athens. 

She is most famous for her trial at the Areopagus. The reasons for her prosecution and subsequent acquittal are largely unknown, but one popular, likely untrue, telling is that Phryne was charged with blasphemy due to her habit of bathing naked in the sea on the feast day of Poseidon, in full view of the more virtuous citizens.

Phryne undressing at the festival of Poseidon, as imagined by Henryk Hektor Siemiradzki, 1889.

 As the legend goes, blasphemy was a capital charge and it looked like the jury was going to convict her. In a last attempt to save her life, Phryne pulled down her robe, exposing her breasts as her lawyer proclaimed to the jury that her beauty itself was proof that the gods had blessed her. The jury was swayed and Phryne was free to resume her affairs.

I possess a fair bit more discretion than Phryne of Athens, although I have been known to skinny-dip if the water isn’t too chilly. Much of my graduate work focused on ancient Greek society and culture; my name is a grateful nod to the years I spent translating and researching and writing before I realized that I am much happier in this demimonde. 

Phryne of Seattle


Baking. I have an insatiable sweet tooth that I excuse by making and sharing desserts with whomever will eat them. I did not excel in chemistry, but the science of baking feels intuitive. The more labor-intensive the pastry, the happier I am to spend hours perfecting it. 

Dancing. As a child I spent years taking ballet, but I was not truly drawn to it. I am clumsy and ballet only showcased my seeming lack of grace. My current athleticism of choice is pole dancing. I have been practicing for a few years and find that graceful movements come quite naturally when I am in the air. 

Video Games. I am a nerd at heart. Zelda was my introduction to gaming, although spending most of my life in school left little time to indulge in video games. Now that I have true leisure time I am catching up on all the games I have missed. 

Reading. The texture and smell of a book are uniquely effective in transporting me to another world or another time. However I am busy these days so I mostly listen to audiobooks and podcasts. When I have time, I still love to curl up with a real book and let the hours slip by. 

Hiking. The quintessential Pacific Northwest activity, and I am not ashamed to say I enjoy it. The flora and fauna here are diverse and plentiful; “hiking” with me is a steady march frequently interrupted to look at an interesting mushroom or brightly colored leaf. 

Traveling. Seattle and its surrounds have a lot to offer, and I appreciate it all the more when I’ve been away. Thus I must travel and see the world, in order to take in my wonderful life here with fresh eyes. 

Phryne In Numbers:

Height: 4’ 8”
Age: Early 30s
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Shoe size: 5.5US/35.5 Eur
Dress size: 0-2 US
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Languages: English, Ancient Greek, & a tiny bit of French
Education: BA, MA, ABD

Date Ideas and Events

A selection of diversions I have previously enjoyed or would like to try for the first time.

Seasonal                                                                                                                                                          ~Søren Solkær exhibition at the Nordic Museum                                                                      Through March 10th                                                  https://nordicmuseum.org/exhibitions/sort-sol

~Seattle Cocktail Week                                                                                                                    March 3-10                                                                           https://www.seattlecocktailweek.com/ 

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival                                                                                                              April 1-30                                                                                      https://www.visitskagitvalley.com/skagit-valley-tulip-festival/




Antiquing and Estate Sales
~Who can find the most unique item on our date? For vintage and antique items we can visit Epic Antique or the Seattle Antiques Market. For the truly bizarre there is BallyHoo.  

Wine Tasting
~Washington has some hidden and not-so-hidden gems nearby in Woodinville. We can enjoy tastings interspersed with delicious local food before retiring for private time. Available as a dinner date or overnight. 

Can Can Culinary Cabaret                                                                                                               ~The shows change every season, but the Can Can is always a sensual delight. 

Seattle Opera                                                                                                                                     ~The ’23/’24 season concludes in May with “The Barber of Seville”


Do you crave the attentions of multiple beautiful partners? I am enthusiastically available for duos, trios, and beyond. Below are my favorite playmates.

*Rate matching is required for duos and moresomes. If there is a difference in rates, we should both be paid the higher donation.


Amie Petite

The professional friend with benefits, Amie is unabashedly delighted by bodies and their potential for pleasure. She has soft creamy skin, silky brown hair, and and is usually sporting a wicked smile.

Lorelei Rivers

An expert in sensual domination with pale skin and fiery red hair, Miss Rivers is the perfect duo partner if you're craving a less-than-vanilla encounter.

Mistress Katherine

An experienced partner absent attitude or pretension. A well-versed sexual adventurer you can trust to respect your limits but still challenge you to new heights. Mistress Katherine offers kink coaching and domination.


Maya Cobryn, NYC

With the most innocent smile, Maya possesses wicked tendencies towards pleasure. To most passersby she is but another student in the city. However, I know her secret- the urge to indulge desire and taste temptation. 

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