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I maintain an active Twitter account and am constantly updating my website with new pictures and information. I have been verified on Slixa and Tryst. If I was not the person depicted on these platforms my business would flounder quickly.

In the past I have not encouraged reviews, as I find them indiscreet for both of us.

However, after instituting a mandatory deposit policy for new suitors, I am now open to non-explicit reviews so that newbies may find confirmation of my professionalism beyond what I write about myself. I’m flattered if you would like to assist in this regard; please use PrivateDelights or TNA to leave a review.

New suitors who are hesitant, I have a few reviews on TNA. You will need to create an account to access reviews.

You may have found reviews of me on Erotic Monkey. Although they are all positive, I must be honest and say none of those reviews have been written by people who have met me. Erotic Monkey gives free memberships to “clients” who have written a certain number of reviews, and thus there is an incentive for looky-loos to fabricate experiences to gain that free membership.

I will never contact you indiscreetly, and I will never disclose our acquaintanceship to a third party. Doing so would jeopardize not only your privacy but mine as well, and would be an incredibly poor and unsustainable business model.

Please check your spam folder if it has been more than 24 hours and you have not received a reply from me. I do my best to reply to inquiries within 24 hours.

If you have not heard back within 24 hours, you are welcome to email me directly at

Incomplete or explicit submissions will not receive a response.

I am! My incall is stocked with a variety of legal substances, including alcohol and cannabis. You are welcome to partake in moderation. Please do not consume illegal substances during our time together. 

Trip sitting is available to well established and well trusted friends.

I provide hosting at my private incall location in Seattle center. My incall space has everything you will need to relax.

I do offer outcall and am happy to meet you at your private residence or upscale hotel. Outcalls require a $50 travel fee. 

There is an additonal fee for outcalls outside of Seattle. 

My preference is always cash.

Deposits may be made via CashApp or gift cards to an online merchant of my choosing.  

Established friends may pay via PayPal or bank transfer at my discretion, please ask.

I do not discriminate based on race, gender identity, creed, disability, or sexual orientation. If you would like to meet me I ask only that you are at least 21 years old, provide accurate screening information, and are polite and respectful during our interactions.

I am bisexual and enjoy meeting people of all genders and sexualities. Be assured you will find a welcoming environment and caring companionship no matter how you identify. Couples, I ask for an additional 30% to my patronage.

Yes! I am enthusiastically available for duos, trios, and beyond. 

Rate matching is required for duos. If there is a difference in rates, we should both be paid the higher donation.  

Amie Petite is my favorite duo partner, but you are welcome to suggest another companion. I love making new friends!

I am happy to act as a reference for clients who have seen me in the past 12 months. I will provide two references for each time we have met; so, if we have seen each other twice in the past year I will provide up to four references.

Please let me know if you plan to list me as a reference for another companion. I will not disclose information about our time together without your express consent.

 If we have not met previously, the booking form is the fastest way to schedule a meeting. Completely filling out the form allows me to screen you and confirm our meeting quickly, often within a few hours.

I can occasionally accept same-day sessions. There is a $200 fee for bookings requested with less than 12 hours notice. 

Fly Me To You and other travel bookings require 24 hours notice.


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