The Dance: Choreographing our First Meeting

First encounters are always a little awkward, a bit stilted. After all, we are only just getting to know each other!

The real magic unfolds with time, over drinks, after a show, in the afterglow, within the sweet splendid moments of calm when we are together, and at ease.

But how do we get from the first encounter to the tenth? The hundredth?

We dance.

Here you must allow me to take the lead, at least in the beginning. The dance is simple but essential; I will guide you.


Our first introduction. You have sent me your screening information, desired time, date, and duration for our initial assignation, and paid your deposit. There is no hesitancy in your steps. First impressions matter when greeting a new dance partner, and yours is impeccable.

Act One: Arrival

Upon entering my space, you are greeted with an enthusiastic hug and a passionate kiss. Do your best not to be overwhelmed by my forwardness, dear one, we have the entire evening before us.

I will take your hand and lead you to the sofa, offering cool water if the day is hot and warm tea when it is cold and dreary. I am perpetually cold, and will snuggle against you as much as you allow while we get acquainted. Your deepest secrets may remain your own, I will not pry or demand more than you wish to share. It is enough to be in the moment together; when your mind wanders I can easily draw it back with soft, trailing fingers down your neck.


At my suggestion, you will avail yourself of my spacious shower and soft linens. The next part of our dance is more active, and you will want to be refreshed and clean when it begins.

Before I lead you to the shower, take care to place your envelope on the counter. This crucial step ensures we do not stumble over each other’s feet at the close of our performance. The eventual finale should be soft and filled with lingering kisses, rather than hastily crammed with crinkling bank notes.

Act Two: Intimate

Having emerged from your shower sparkling clean and eager, don your chosen costume. As an attentive costumer I have left you several to choose from- A soft robe, a fluffy towel, or just your naked self.

Come and find me in my boudoir, spread languidly over crisp white sheets and eagerly awaiting you.

The lights are dim and soft music fills the room as we fall against each other. We let the dance whirl us away into ecstasy.


An hour or two later, maybe three, maybe more (you need not keep track, in this I am the lead), we still lie lazily in the afterglow. We speak of everything and nothing, luxuriating in the press of our cooling skin against one another.

As our first meeting nears its end, I will offer you a shower once again. You are free to accept or decline at your fancy, I will not begrudge you the opportunity to carry my scent with you as you depart.

Once we have risen and dressed to some semblance of respectability (though I am wont to remain naked as Aphrodite made me, as you button and buckle) it is time for the lingering goodbye. Your final glimpse is of a tousled nymph, makeup in disarray, about to slip back into bed and revel in the pleasure of a perfect choreography flawlessly executed. With a kiss of farewell, you reenter the tired old world with a fresh spring in your step.

Until we meet again, dear heart…